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Provide you with information, knowledge, and methodology in IT outsourcing management. Plan with you the Rightsourcing strategy for your projects.

Provide you with the right outsourcing partner or our IT outsourcing services. Carry out the due diligence, contract negotiation or assist you in setting up your own offshore/Nearshore center or partner. Help you maximize your benefits on cost savings, optimum control, lower risks, better performance and enhanced service levels. Provide our service through:

¤ Offshore Methodology and Selection

¤ Customer Service and Support

¤ Application Development and Maintenance

¤ Product Development and Maintenance

Aid you in the decision-making process of IT outsourcing of the right applications and selecting the right outsourcing partner. Provide you our services to manage the offshore transition and on-going management of the offshore operations. Set up your IT outsourcing center either nearshore or offshore.