Advanced Roles with Agile Responsibilities 

ARAR Technology provides topnotch management consulting using Advanced Roles with Agile Responsibilities, which nurture technology innovations for our clients to excel and grow. 

ARAR is an IT Management and Consulting firm dedicated towards providing the right technology solutions for its clients.

ARAR specializes in Business Intelligence, Application Management, Quality Assurance, IT Outsourcing, Program Management and Consulting Services.

ARAR has vast experience in the IT arena across the globe for Public Sector and Commercial businesses. It brings the right information technology and solutions to meet your business objectives. Our experiences and capabilities  spanning across the globe are described in this website. We also leverage our products and services partners mentioned in this website, for the right IT solutions.

ARAR’s headquarters is located in Washington DC metro area, the capital of USA. It provides its IT solutions and services across the globe.

You have reached the right place at ARAR where by the turn of a key you will find the right IT solutions for your needs. ARAR provides IT solutions by using its PEI methodology to:
* Plan the assignment based upon the request from you.
* Execute the project using the right methodology and tools.
* Implement the right solution best suited to meet your business goals.



The ARAR philosophy is based upon these 10 principles:

1. Trust: Do what you say.
2. Credibility: Say what you do.
3. Openness: Feel comfortable to speak.
4. Respect: Dignity for individuals.
5. Honesty: Be truthful.
6. Loyal: Devotion for your family, friends & firm.
7. Lawful: Abide by the rules.
8. Focus: Give importance to the point.
9. Metrics: Always measure your results.
10. Righteousness: Be upright upfront!